Urinal for women: when the street corner is nearby, and home is still a long way off

A public urinal for men only? We think that’s an outdated idea! Our UriLift Combi is the answer to the worldwide demand for accessible toilet facilities for women.
The first women’s urinal in the world went into operation in March 2016, near the Paleis op de Dam. In September of the same year, the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf [Department of Public Buildings] announced that the Urilift Combi had done what is was supposed to do: reduce urinating in public places. According to the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, people no longer urinate in the vicinity of the Paleis op de Dam and no further measures are needed. That’s a result we are proud of!

verzinkbaar urinoir vrouwen mannen Paleis op Dam Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

We have also noted that there are some misconceptions about what a women’s urinal is and what the purpose of a pop-up toilet unit is. In this newsletter we straighten things out.

A UriLift is not a substitute for an ordinary toilet

So, some people compare a UriLift with an ordinary public toilet. That comparison is not quite right. The requirements for a pop-up toilet unit are different from those for the acquisition of a public toilet. A UriLift is located in places where there are a lot of people during the evening and at night, and therefore present only then: usually when people go out at the weekend (Thursday to Sunday, depending on the municipal policy) or during special events.

Peak times

The UriLift is a facility that does service at times when there is more demand for somewhere to urinate. When the economy is in full swing during the evening, at night and during special events, people drink more. The logical consequence is that people need to urinate more and the demand for public toilets/urinals is greater than during the day – by people out shopping, for example.

It’s also a fact that the change from hot to cold affects the bladder: in a hot environment people perspire more, in order to lose moisture. Once out in the cold, that moisture can only be released from the body through the bladder. So, the advice and/or reproach that people should first urinate indoors so that they no longer need to go when they are out doesn’t hold water!

A women’s urinal is not a toilet

We have also heard people asking why there isn’t a (normal) seat on the women’s urinal. The women’s urinal is not a substitute for an ordinary toile. However, there is an extra rim that can be folded down, so that the urinal can be used as a toilet. It has been specifically designed as a urinal for the nocturnal economy (and used mainly by people going out for the evening).

Design based on behaviour

It is well known that women (and men too) do not like to make contact with the toilet seat. That knowledge was the starting point for the design of our women’s urinal. Our women’s urinal has a conical shape (like a funnel), perfect for squatting. The body’s centre of gravity thus remains above the feet, which is great for maintaining your balance. We have also installed two handrails in the space. The toilet roll has been installed in the wall next to the toilet bowl.


The women’s urinal is self-cleaning; because of the rounded edge on the top (preventing dirt from accumulating), in combination with the technology, the toilet can clean itself more than 95% with every flush. The floor is automatically cleaned by floor sprayers.

Washing your hands after urinating

On the exterior of the unit there is a no-touch handwashing facility with water, soap and a hot-air dryer.


The name UriLift can also be misleading. The lift function applies solely to the times when the UriLift is in operation. The urinal cannot be operated by remote control. The employee who operates the UriLift has to activate a key contact in the vicinity of the women’s urinal before he can submerge it. The door of the women’s urinal is operated manually and can be locked and unlocked with a simple handle.

Photos of the Urilift Combi may be used, provided the source is quoted.

Want to see how the Urilift Combi works?

Want more information about the UriLift Combi? Go to www.popuptoilet.co.uk or call +31 (0)55 576 3033.