Pop-up urinal at the Palace on the Dam proves its value: no further measures are required to combat public urination

Apeldoorn, 27 September 2016 – The first women’s urinal, the UriLift Combi, has achieved its aim: to further reduce public urination at the Palace on the Dam. The UriLift Combi was introduced on 24 March 2016. According to the Department of public buildings, public urination now hardly ever occurs, and no extra measures are required (sources: Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and Het Parool)

The UriLift Combi is a freely accessible toilet facility for men and women: the pop-up sanitary unit features 2 men’s urinals and 1 women’s urinal. In daytime, the sanitary unit is contained in the ground, and is therefore not an obstacle for shoppers and (daytime) tourists. The clip below shows how it works.  

Effective way of combating public urination

The Palace on the Dam has suffered from the corrosive urine and from the subsequent cleaning measures. Previous measures such as the tell-tale lighting (lighting with motion detectors) have proven to be inadequate in combating public urination at the Palace on the Dam. The UriLift Combi was therefore introduced in order to reduce public urination even further. This pop-up urinal for men and women has proven to be an effective way of combating public urination, and therefore contributing to a safe and hygienic city centre.

Night economy

A hospitable city invites guests and offers them suitable facilities. When the night economy is in full swing, people drink more and therefore need to urinate more. Women are no exception to the rule. The UriLift Combi features two men’s urinals and one women’s urinal. The UriLift Combi is designed to accommodate large numbers of users in a short period of time. The sanitary unit with its 3 urinals has an average capacity of 150 people per hour. In comparison: an average public toilet can accommodate 20 visitors per hour.

Verzinkbaar urinoir bij Paleis op de Dam bewijst waarde

Positive approach

Good sanitary solutions result in less aggressive behaviour towards law enforcement officers and passers-by who tackle offenders about their behaviour. Law enforcers can point people in the right direction instead of fining them. It is a positive approach, which offers many advantages:/span>

  • Damage to buildings and odour problems are drastically reduced
  • Fewer corrective interventions are required.
  • One of the reasons for nightly disturbance of the peace, and for aggression has been removed.

Proven effective

Pop-Up Toilet Company is a leading global company in public sanitation, and offers a total package of public toilet facilities, including the internationally famous and patented pop-up urinals: the UriLifts. Since being introduced in 2000, the Single, Double and Triple pop-up urinals UriLift Single, Double en Triple and the verzinkbaar toilet toilet have proven extremely effective in cities at home and abroad. The UriLift Combi has now also proven to make a valuable contribution to is safe and hygienic city centre.

Is public urination a problem in your city centre and would you like to know more about our UriLifts? Feel free to contact us on 055 – 576 3033 or send an e-mail to contact @ popuptoilet . nl (without spaces before and after the @ and .)