Pop-Up Toilet Company B.V. premieres new product at EuroToi 2018

At the EuroToi 2018 trade fair in Nürburg, Germany, Pop-Up Toilet Company B.V. will present its latest innovation, the Pop-Up Event Toilet, a fully collapsible sanitary unit, specifically designed for the event industry.

Pop-Up Event Toilet: fully collapsible

The Pop-Up Event Toilet, in its collapsed state, to which it can be reduced by one single action of one single operator, only takes up half the physical space it occupies in operational condition. Its clever construction makes the Pop-Up Toilet Company B.V. Event Toilet a powerful cost saver, allowing for savings of up to 80% on transport cost, installation and de-installation cost as well as labour cost. Its many advantages in transport and logistics give rental companies the edge in profiling themselves as environmentally conscious suppliers of durable sanitation solutions for festivals and other events. The Event toilet is available in a flushed version and as a chemical unit.

Distinguishing difference

The ingenuity of the Pop-Up Event toilet is in its door, which, contrary to those of other pop up toilets, collapses with the unit’s main structure, eliminating the need for removal. The entire unit can be prepared for transport by one single operator performing one single action.

Saving time and preventing injuries

Another major advantage of the Pop-Up Event Toilets is their connectability. By joining several units together, the entire assembly can efficiently be moved with one stand-alone or truck-mounted forklift, without the risk of injuries resulting from heavy manual lifting.

Pop-Up Event Toilet: shorter installation & de-installation times

Fewer operations, faster turn-around

Because of the Pop-Up Event Toilet’s connectability, up to 76 units can be fitted in one trailer truckload. At their destination, multiple units can be transported to their intended location by one single forklift, allowing for significantly shorter installation and de-installation times, with prompt availability for the next event as a bonus result.

Maximum flexibility

One more distinguishing and unique feature of the Pop-Up Event Toilets is that they can be rented in any required quantity, from one individual unit to as many as are needed to meet the event’s sanitary demands. The toilets can be installed in any desired arrangement.

Pop-Up Event Toilet: appealing look

Appealing look, complete user-friendliness

User-friendliness is one of the main strengths of Pop-Up Toilet Company. Our products excel in design, material and lighting and the elegant Event Toilet is no exception. An LED light bar above the door of each toilet indicates availability status by flashing red when the unit is occupied, green when it is free for use. A practical feature with the added effect of a miniature light show complementing the sparkling atmosphere of any event.

About Pop-Up Toilet Company

The innovative Event Toilet incorporates 18 years of experience in state-of-the-art sanitary solutions. Pop-Up Toilet Company founder and CEO Marco Schimmel knows everything there is to know about the market. Even in the early days of his company, starting out as a provider of rental port-a-potties and mobile sanitary units, he quickly realized how much time and effort went into delivery and collection. For urban areas and city centres, he developed the UriLift, a pop up urinal for men and women, available when the night economy is in full swing and submerged at street level during shopping and office hours. For the day economy, Pop-Up Toilet Company also offers a full line of permanently installed self-cleaning sanitary solutions. For more information visit www.popuptoilet.co.uk.