Measures against public urination at Paleis op de Dam are taking effect

They’re working: the measures taken to combat public urination at the Koninklijk Paleis op de Dam in Amsterdam

The Dutch State Real Estate Company reports this on Monday.

One of the measures is lighting. This makes it look as though there’s someone ‘in residence’ at the Palace. Extra lights are also switched on if someone comes too close to the Palace.

In addition, there are pop-up urinals for men and women in the evening and at night, from Thursday to Sunday inclusive. Those toilets disappear during the day.

According to the Dept. of Public Buildings, there’s virtually no more public urination around the Paleis op de Dam and no further measures are needed.

A solution to the horror of urinating on the Dam has already been a subject for discussion
for years now.

Source: Het Parool

Het Parool Maatregelen tegen-wildplassen-Paleis op de Dam hebben effect