Contactless payment system for Pop-Up Toilet Company’s public toilets

Unique in The Netherlands, only with Pop-Up Toilet Company!

urilift contactloosbetalen openbare toiletten
From now on, it is possible to fit our public toilets with a contactless payment system and/or payment terminal with pin code operation. Pop-Up Toilet Company is the only provider of self-operating public (self-cleaning) toilets with this modern, secure payment option.

Continually innovating

We have spent quite some time looking for an alternative to coin-operated devices. These are vulnerable to vandalism and theft. An SMS system is also in use, but it doesn’t meet our quality standards.

Banks, shops and…. Pop-Up Toilet Company’s toilets

For contactless payments we have concluded a contract with a reliable partner with an outstanding reputation: the biggest provider in The Netherlands, which supplies units to nearly all the shops and banks. The requirements for installing this system are very high, but we finally succeeded in concluding a contract with them – and that’s something we can take some pride in!

Contactless payment for your visit to the toilet

Contactless payment is easy and secure for both user and administrator: no fumbling with small change and saving on labour costs – after all, you no longer have to collect the small change, with all the risks involved. We can integrate the contactless payment system into our models in the 3, 4 and 5 STAR series of public toilets.

Want more information about contactless payment?

Call Pop-Up Toilet Company on 055 576 3033 or send an e-mail to contact @ popuptoilet . nl (without spaces before and after the @ and .)
Contactloos betaalsysteem openbare toiletten